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At Renovax, we are a family-run business, experts in window repair and replacement, devoted to customer satisfaction. All of our windows contractors are trained and qualified to the highest professional levels. Our customers are our priority, and so we take great care to make sure you receive the highest level of quality workmanship and customer service throughout your experience with us, from our initial meeting to the handover.
If you need to replace old energy-inefficient windows, or just want to improve the aesthetic of the exterior of your home, we perform the highest quality window replacement and windows installation services in Chicago, at very attractive prices. With us, you come first.

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As the leading window company near me in Chicago, we work with the best brands to be able to provide you with top-notch services.


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Windows Installation

Windows protect your home against the elements, keep your house energy-efficient and keep you safe and secure inside. Our expert windows installation Chicago service will ensure your windows are installed properly and efficiently and meet the highest standards. Your energy bills will reduce in no time!

Windows Replacement

No matter why you are looking at a windows replacement Chicago service, maybe you need to increase heat and sound insulation, or you're investing in new windows to add curb appeal and value to your home. Our expert installers are highly trained and experienced and will install quality windows.

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  • Customer needs are the driving force of our company. We listen to your needs and pay attention to the smallest details to give you the perfect windows replacement near me in Chicago. Our windows installation contractors Chicago trained are all highly experienced and experts in window repairs and installation.

  • Renovax Window Companies near me in Chicago complies with all of the building codexes. Your property will meet all laws and safety regulations when we finish.

  • At Renovax Window Companies near me in Chicago our great relationships with our vendors mean we pass our savings down to you so that you get the best workmanship and experienced labor at low, affordable prices.

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Frequently asked questions

Have Any Questions About Window Replacement or Installation?

How Long Does It Take To Windows Replacement?

Window replacement near me in Chicago average takes between 40 to 60 minutes. Other factors that can extend the time taken include: large or custom windows, damage around the window frame or windows on the first floor or higher.

Do Replacement Windows Really Pay For Themselves?

Yes new, quality windows insulate your home and make it more energy efficient, this will lead to a reduction in your energy bills, over time this reduction will equal the investment you made in your windows. Call our window company near me in Chicago and get a free quote!

When Should I Consider Window Replacement?

There are various signs indicating that your windows need replacing, difficulty opening or shutting the windows, uncomfortable drafts, higher energy bills and damaged or rotting window frames. Call Renovax Window Companies near me in Chicago for more information.

Are There Any Specific Things I Should Do Before The Window Installation?

Yes, clear the area around the windows of furniture, furnishings and any other things in the vicinity, take down curtains, blinds and pictures from the wall. This will give our windows installer Chicago based, easy access to the windows being replaced and space needed to do the job quickly and efficiently.


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