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Which Type Of Window I Should Choose?


Double-hung windows have 2 sashes that move independently. The window can be opened by raising the bottom up, or by lowering the top. The 2 sashes meet in the middle where there is a latch that locks the window. These windows don’t open outwards or inwards, they maximize interior and exterior space, which is why a windows installer will often install them on patios and porches.

Double-Hung – Benefits:

Single-hung windows have a single sash that can be raised up from the bottom, towards the top of the window and a stationary upper sash. When the windows are open there is no protrusion of the window, maximizing the space around the windows. A window company will tell you these windows are popular for bedrooms and areas that get a lot of moving traffic, like patios.

Single-Hung Windows – The Advantages :

Single-Hung Windows

Horizontal Sliding

In horizontal sliding windows, the sash moves sideways either to the left or to the right. These windows are very simple to open and close. As these windows slide open, there is no protrusion. So these windows are popular choices for rooms facing walkways, porches or patios. This window installation is commonly found in contemporary-style homes and as bedroom windows.

Profit of Horizontal Sliding Windows

Bay windows have a characteristic curve, they typically consist of 3 windows, normal working windows on either side of a fixed window that doesn’t open, in the center. Characteristically they have more angular lines compared to those of a bow window. We at Renovax Windows Company recommend them for transitional and contemporary properties.

Benefits Of Bay Windows:

Bay Windows

Bow Windows

Bow windows are made from four or more windows in tandem forming a smooth curve. Each window is the same dimensions and shape. In comparison to bay windows, bow windows are wider, a windows installer will recommend that they need to be in exterior walls or in corners with 80 inches or more of space. Window companies report that these windows are commonly found in traditional and Victorian homes.

The Advantages of Bow Windows

Garden windows, bow windows and bay windows are often mistaken for each other as they are all of a similar style. Garden windows are built to extend out of the property, giving an extra area inside, like bow and bay windows, but they contain several panes of glass and are built in the shape of a box.

Garden Windows Benefits include:

Garden Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to their frames by hinges on one side of the frame. They are installed either singly within a frame or in pairs. They open outwards and many can be combined together to give a stunning look. The windows often have a lever that holds them open, also known as a casement stay.

Casement Windows Benefits:

Awning windows are attached at the top of the window and to the frame by hinges on one side. They open from the bottom outwards. This type of window installation due to its shape and how they open is excellent for ventilation without having to have the window fully open.

Awning Windows Is Beneficial Because:

Awning Windows

Basement Windows

The most popular small windows in basements are hopper windows. These are connected via a hinge at the bottom of the frame and open outwards from the top. Because they allow more light and air into the dark space people ofet choose them when they are planning to replace windows. They are different from the glass block window as they are not fixed.

Pros Of Basement Windows:

Picture windows, also known as fixed frames windows, are stationary and cannot be opened. They come in many different sizes and window companies ofter recommend combining them with other windows that are operable. They allow a large amount of light in and are often placed in tall spaces out of reach for this purpose.

Picture Windows – Their Pros

Picture Windows

Patio Doors

Patio doors are very popular in the rear of the home, leading into the garden. There are different designs, but the most commonly known are sliding patio doors. These have the advantage of an opening on one side fully so that there is a large open space. Also, as the doors slide within the frame there is more usable space. Benefits include:

Patio Doors – Their Benefits