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Renovax has been the window company Niles locals prefer for many years. We are a family business dedicated to achieving full customer satisfaction with the top services for window installation and window replacement near me in Niles. Our expert contractors are professionals that have the knowledge and skills to provide a superior job. We aim to provide excellent customer service from the get-go to delivery through our expertise and skills in our meticulous work.
You might be looking for energy-efficient windows to improve your indoor environment, or maybe you just want a style upgrade. Either way, you can count on the best windows installer Niles has known to have your windows installed with the best quality without having to empty your bank account. You are our top priority, that’s why we offer:

  • The highest work standards

  • Expertise and technique mastery

  • Accessible prices

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As the number 1 among window companies near me in Niles, we bring you the top brand names in windows together with the highest standard of service you can trust.

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Window Installation Niles, IL

Windows offer light, a view, and protection from outdoor elements. They can also make your home more energy-efficient and secure. Our professional window installation in Niles will make sure your windows are handled properly so you can get the most out of them. We’ll help lower your monthly energy bills.

Window Replacement Niles, IL

Retain more heat, insulate against sound, or just add to your curb appeal. No matter the reason for your window replacement near me in Niles, you can count on our experienced window installers to leave you with top-quality windows that match your needs and expectations.


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  • We Listen
  • Abide By Regulations
  • Great Value for Your New Window Replacement
  • Our window company in Niles always strives to give our customers what they need. That’s why we listen and understand that every small detail matters to give you the perfect window installation service. Our windows installers in Niles are effectively trained and experienced in window replacement and repair.

  • By the time our window installers in Niles are done, we will have complied with all local building codes to leave your home safe to meet all regulations.

  • At Renovax Windows Companies near me in Niles we pass the savings we achieve through the great relationships we’ve built with our vendors. So you get top-quality windows, exceptional window installation, and affordable prices.

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Frequently asked questions

What You Need To Know About Windows Replacement Niles, IL

Renovax windows replacement Chicago crew

How Long Does It Take To Windows Replacement?

A single window replacement near me in Niles usually takes about 40 to 60 minutes, so based on the number of windows you have, you can get a rough estimate of the time needed. Some things can extend the time, like second-floor windows, large custom windows, or rot in the existing frame.

Do Replacement Windows Really Pay For Themselves?

Certainly! Quality new windows can better insulate your home, making it more energy efficient, and lowering your energy bills. Over time the amount you save will equal your window replacement investment.

When Should I Consider Window Replacement?

If your windows are difficult to open or shut, drafts are coming in and your heating bills are rising, you hear more outdoor noise than you used to, your windows are outdated, or you find damage on your windows, you may consider a window replacement near me in Niles.

Are There Any Specific Things I Should Do Before The Window Installation?

To prepare for your window installation or window replacement near me in Niles, clear all workspaces by removing any furniture and window coverings so that window companies near me in Niles have full access for an efficient process.


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